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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gates of Brass~A Timeless Film Everyone Should See

In 1984, four Canadians took a film crew to Moscow and Leningrad to obtain secret interviews with Jews who had been denied the right to immigrate to Israel. When the KGB became aware of their intentions, they confiscated the film footage and interrogated the filmmakers. Unknown to the KGB, the Rawlings/Allen film team made two copies of the film, and three months later, through a complex network of cooperation, they were able to get the footage out of the Soviet Union.

The resulting 54-minute documentary, Gates of Brass, had it's Canadian premiere in Ottawa in October 1985. The film provides footage of the Russian revolution, World War II and the Six Day War, as well as dramatic recreations of scenes of oppression, and interviews with a number of Refuseniks (those Russian and Ukrainian Jews refused visas to Israel by the Soviet authorities), some of whom now reside in Israel, and with with the (then),recently released Anatoly Shcharansky, who for the previous nine years had been considered the symbol of Jews not allowed to leave the Soviet Union.

Gates of Brass was shown by Canadian producers Jay and Meridel Rawlings in fifty cities on an international tour. In a written statement about Gates of Brass, Meridel Rawlings stated: "To our knowledge, this is the first time that footage of this nature has reached the West. Having visited the Soviet Union three times...we were inspired to make a film giving a voice to these unfortunate people who are trapped inside of the Soviet Union.

At the time, the Rawlings hoped the film would serve to educate the general public that it was not just the Jews that were victims in the Soviet Union, but in fact, all people seeking basic human rights and religious freedom.

This film, produced by World Vistas / Israel Vision, won the First Production Award from the Canadian Film and Television Association. The Jewish Community worldwide used this film to educate and stir people into action. Consequently Jewish activists and Christian supporters joined together (often after viewing the film) and went into the streets and marched in front of Soviet Embassies worldwide crying out "Let My People Go".

We must never forget that the Lord has answered the daily "Amida" prayers of centuries of faithful Jewish people crying out for the "ingathering of the exiles". The pleas of the suffering Refuseniks were also heard from within the Soviet Union, and slowly, the Iron Curtain began to crumble.

Christians prayed and gave generously for flights and buses to bring them home. As Jews and Christians found a way to agree to a common purpose, then miracles took place. Over 1,000,000 former Soviet Jews were released home to Israel between 1991 and 2005.

Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision is Very Proud of their Award Winning Film...Gates of Brass

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Poor "Palestinians" Are No Worse Off Than Anybody Else...

We all know that there are starving people all over the world. Some countries suffer more than others. In most cases, those that have, try to give a bit to those that don't.

Since the announcement by the USA that funds to the PA were being cut off, the news is full of the cries for the rest of the world to make up the much needed money for the "starving Palestinians".  There are indeed those that are less off, as in every country and culture, but the outcry that they are being "starved" is far from the truth.

Below is a video that you will not see in the mainstream media. Contrary to popular belief, Gaza is actually a thriving area~and they are not the most heavily populated in the world. According to information taken from the UN, they weren't even listed in the top ten and Wikipedia's latest indication on cities does not list them at all, but interestingly, Bnei Brak in Israel is number six on the Wikipedia list.

"The European Union and other foreign aid projects pour streams of cash (often yours) into the pockets of thousands. The UNRWA provides more workers and aid per person to the PA than to all the other "refugees"  combined in the world"

So, before you fall for the calls to immediately send money, take a look at the video below from beginning to end and remember that their leaders are all "multi"  billionaires.

Gaza’s Thriving Economy: Al Jazeera Shows a Side to Gaza that Western Media Won't

Monday, February 05, 2018

You C.A.N. Make a Difference~Part II

Recently we posted Part I of  "You C.A.N. Make a Difference", the amazing story of the battle against human trafficking and child sex slavery in Nepal. 

The Rawlings family first traveled to Nepal in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the gentle people who were filled with kindness despite living in abject poverty. 

When Meridel saw the countless numbers of young girls and boys who had suffered and been abused at the hands of ruthless traffickers, she immediately recognized that they desperately needed help. She felt their pain and knew she must take steps to find a way to help with the healing process. 

Thus began the long journey to form a non-profit organization, C.A.N. (Change Action Nepal) dedicated to helping Nepal and to "give a voice to the voiceless".  

Israel Vision TV produced this documentary film for C.A.N. (Change Action Nepal) with Indira Ghale to help educate people about the problems of human trafficking of children in Nepal. With Change Action Nepal YOU TOO, can help to stop human trafficking and child sex slavery today.

You C.A.N. Make a Difference~Part II (English with Norwegian Subtitles)

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Remembering Israel's "Tentifada"~Part II

On 15 January 2018, we re-posted part I of a film on the 2011 "Tentifada" Protests that took part across Israel.

David and Daniel Rawlings traveled from Be'er Sheva to Tel Aviv and on to Kiryat Shmona to speak to Israelis of all ages who had set up an impromptu protest against the government.

In locations from north to south there were tents, lawn chairs, snacks, drinks and Bar-B-Qs set up. There were many complaints. One of the biggest was the fact that rents were so intolerably high and wages so intolerably low.

In Part 1~David spoke to protesters in Be'er Sheva and Tel Aviv. In Part II the traveled to Kiryat Shmona and back to Jerusalem. The overall mood was surprisingly mellow. Yes, people were frustrated~they camped out in protest, but they did it peacefully!

Israel is not a perfect country, her citizens are not shy about making their frustration known, but for the most part they remain steadfast and loyal.

Remembering Israel's "Tentifada"~Part II

You C.A.N. Help Abused and Trafficked Children!

In March of 2016, we posted a trailer and story of a new production on Nepal that the Rawlings family were working on called, "You CAN make a Difference".

The project focuses on the plight of sexually abused and trafficked children in Nepal.

Meridel Rawlings (Still Small Voice) has made it her life's work to comfort, and help rehabilitate all those who have been victims of horrible abuse. In December 2017, we posted Part I of Meridel's own "life journey" and her "battle to overcome"  in "Speaking Out." In this amazing story, Meridel tells us:

“In childhood I was silenced by control, fear, shame and conflict.
It took decades for my voice to be sounded”...Meridel Rawlings

Now, Meridel is speaking out and acting to "give a voice to the voiceless". Both Jay and Meridel Rawlings have been working for several years to assist in setting up a non-profit organization to aid the tremendous work taking place in Nepal. Below is Part I, in English with Norwegian sub-titles.

For More Information on How You Can Help Go To:   Change Action Nepal  website

Here is Part I of C.A.N (Change Action Nepal) With Norwegian Subtitles

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Super Moon~Blue Moon~Blood Moon Over Israel!

Photo Credit:  Daniel V. Rawlings
Shalom Dear Friends,

The 30th~31st of January 2018, is the New Year of the Trees here in Israel. In Hebrew it is called, Tu B'Shvat. So what, you may say.

On Wednesday, 31 January 2018, we were able to experiencing a once in a life time happening right here inside of Israel! On this night, over Jerusalem, there arose a Super Moon, A Blue Moon, A Blood Moon and a Lunar Eclipse moon.

It is the biggest lunar spectacle we will ever witness and it can't be a coincidence that this moon rose over Israel in celebration tonight. The last time it happened was in 1866.

* A blue moon appears to be an extra full moon.
* A lunar eclipse is rarer,
it was visible here as it rose above Jerusalem.
* A blood moon takes place when sun light reflects from the setting moon through the earth's atmosphere. It causes the moon to appear blood red. The Book of Revelation mentions the blood moon as a sign.

The amazing thing is this entire lunar event looks more spectacular to the naked eye! The moon tonight is also a super moon because it is approaching closer to the earth than usual. As mentioned, the last time we had the five moons ALL at once was 150 years ago.

It is no accident that this amazing phenomenon is taking place on Israel's lunar holiday of the trees. God is speaking clearly.

We gathered at the synagogue tonight to celebrate, sing songs and taste a very colorful selection of fruit and nuts. What a perfect time to say "thank you" for the many blessings brought to us by the trees. I am also thinking of how they faithfully cleanse the air we breathe and provide us with fresh oxygen day and night.

Modern Israel has planted 250 million trees; creating a carbon foot print offset much larger than many nations much greater in size than tiny Israel!

One day Jay said:
   "Meridel, I want to you to promise me something"
   "Well, what is it?"
I asked.
   "Promise me." he said.
   "What is it?"
   "Promise me that you won't plant any more tree in our garden!"
Without a moments hesitation I replied, "I couldn't possibly make such a promise!"

Since 1976 I have encouraged my husband and sons to plant 537 trees in Israel. (14 in our small garden)
But friends, that is not why I am writing...It is time to favour Zion! The Word clearly shows this.

I am zealous for Jerusalem
And for Zion with great zeal.
I am exceedingly angry with
the nations at ease;
For I was a little angry, and
they helped, but with evil intent.

I am returning to Jeusalem with mercy;
My house shall be built in it,
says the LORD of hosts...Zechariah 1:15, 16a.

Every Blessing to you and your family~Happy New Year of the Trees,

The Rawlings Family

ICEJ's Original Founders Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Israel

In 2017 President Donald Trump Recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. Even though this has always been the case, the "world embassies" have long refused to acknowledge this fact. 

One embassy would be different from all the others. ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) was founded by a group of faithful lovers of Israel to show the world that they did believe in Israel and Jerusalem as her eternal capitol.

Jay and Meridel Rawlings were a part of this undertaking more than thirty-five years ago. As they have made their mark in media, they decided that this great event should be documented for all to remember.

Below is a short clip of the original founders remembering this momentous occasion
Jay and Meridel Rawlings helped found the ICEJ Which is Now Stronger than Ever in Jerusalem